Retreat are usually a place to get away from the crowd. Does it need to be walled ?

Whe the Japanese luxury ryokan brand Hoshino gets overseas, it does not lose its perfection.

Want to change universe in a flick of an eye ? Enter this beautiful place.

Ryokan are the traditional guest accommodations in Japan. Delicate and very qualitative. But when you blend it with modernity, it becomes gorgeous. Check it out!

In an hotel, obviously… But not in any hotel. In a world (in)famous one, just re-opened after a major makeover.

Creating a space as a tribute to a great artist is a wonderful idea, as long as the place respects the artist’s spirits and do not become a caricature of his...

Is a restaurant created by an artist different from a restaurant created by a designer ? Check this new one.

Old Europe is so sexy when it blends history and contemporary living. Here is another great example.