Who said architecture couldn’t be a tribute ? This villa is clearly one. Discover to whom in the article.

When artists create their own home, you can be sure to enjoy a very personal point of view on architecture and design.

When you come back to local tradition to innovate, it always end up gorgeous. See this example.

Regular buildings can be strongly improved through an outside renovation. This one is stunning.

A color shock to the eyes ? Well, there’s more. Check it out.

Are you in a contemporary museum ? Not at all. You are in a parking ! Check it out.

What if your house could rotate to follow the sun or give you more space ? This is now a reality with this incredible house.

This is no contemporary art installation, but it could be. You are discovering the transformation of an Art Deco House into a contemporary urban decor. Three different areas are connected through...

To resist to harsh wind and heavy rain, you can build thick walls and high walls. But you can also have an opposite approach such as the one created by James...

In the 70s, the cold war created a true fear of nuclear bombing and some made sure they would survive in building an underground home. This house, built in Las Vegas...