Emoticon are now such a symbol of our society that they are included into architecture !

Optical illusion is an art. You will agree when discovering this place …

This is a dead city. It has been a dead city from the start. Check it out.

Creating a space as a tribute to a great artist is a wonderful idea, as long as the place respects the artist’s spirits and do not become a caricature of his...

Strange name for a resort. Yet clever idea to add a smile to a large classical building … Drôle de nom pour un hôtel. Mais c’est aussi une idée astucieuse pour...

Would a special agent like this villa ?

If you are under a snow storm, enjoy this paradise villa, dedicated to palms and exotic feeling.

Are you fan ? Then hurry up to Los Angeles !

When artists create their own home, you can be sure to enjoy a very personal point of view on architecture and design.