NeoPlaces is a consulting company in strategy, positioning and business driving of Experiential Brands.

Experiential brands are brands embodied in a specific place, space and experience. They are more and more created in the Hospitality and Leisure markets and are now entering strongly public spaces, restaurants and art.

Yet, Experiential Brands are no washing powder brands

It is not possible to translate the Fast Moving Consumer Goods brands marketing rules into branded places. The experience of the location remains the central brand building point. Therefore, an Experiential Brand marketing strategy is quite different, a complex multi-criteria construction.

To succeed in building an experience doesn’t mean choosing a nice decor. You need to master three key aspects :

  • Complete understanding of the target and what an experience is to them
  • Staff casting, attitude and sense of service
  • Operational spatial organization

These are the top-line key contributors, leading to building in the same time a great and unique experience for the client and a solid revenue for the owner. This revolution is as important than the one Product Brands have experimented in the sixties. It will decide which brands and locations will still exist in twenty years from now.

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NeoPlaces is a collaborative agency, based on agility and team adaptation to our client exact needs and origin. We are an eco-system of international experts, used to work together in dedicated teams created according to the subjects entrusted to us.

Our experts work on several fields of activity: hospitality, F&B, leisure, transportation, retail… And our group covers the entire chain needed to conceive, create, animate implement, operate and communicate an experiential brand: business model strategists and advisors, marketing innovators, designers and architects, art and tech curators, operational and sourcing experts, communication specialists in all allfields …

Our key consultants:

Mathilde Lauriau Tedeschi – Senior Strategist

Isabelle Maffre – Interior Designer

Alessandra Violet Vianello – Qualitative expert

Sara Comte & Julien Ly – Graphic Designers

Jana Zitnanska – Consultant

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