This 4 blocks house is surrounded by the sea. And its architecture pays hommage to it.

A truly great addition to the rustic chic resorts of Thomas Cook. Check it out.

When you’re in crave for a sweet sophisticated pastry, your shop should be the first shot of sugar!

For Christmas, a revamped Paris Gourmet institution has openned to the public after 6 months of renovation. Hello gorgeous !

If you are under a snow storm, enjoy this paradise villa, dedicated to palms and exotic feeling.

When four Chef decide to create a restaurant out of the ordinary, how do they do ?

Renovation sometimes are pure devastation for a hotel, losing the place’s spirit. And some are gracefully adding to the delicacy of the place. Miss Clara is a perfect example of a...

It’s spring in Stockholm. The best moment to enjoy the city. And the best moment to discover this 12 rooms wonderfully delicate hotel: Ett Hem. C’est le printemps. Le meilleur moment...