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founded by Emmanuelle Mordacq, hospitality expert
Emmanuelle Mordacq's manifesto

Places make people and People make places.

Places we love, cherish, come back to are more than just four walls that were decorated to fit into a use. They are experiential places. Places we link in our mind with a moment, a service, a feeling.

Creating such places can seem like good luck or good taste but they can also be crafted in an expert way. This is what we do for Hospitality brands who want to create their own brand experience.

We define their positioning and their experience, blending the physical space, their personality, the hallmarks of their guest experience, designing the human interactions in the place, while ensuring all those elements can be operated in the best way. Because if places are created for people, they are also at first created by people.

We create and position hospitality brands, help existing places and brands to optimize their experience while keeping in the loop the trends that will shape our future.

And we love what we do!

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