Sometimes, tiles are just the most stylish way to say « good food » in a restaurant.

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Chicago is the house of so many great hotels that hostels had to work something out.

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Whe the Japanese luxury ryokan brand Hoshino gets overseas, it does not lose its perfection.

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When you’re in crave for a sweet sophisticated pastry, your shop should be the first shot of sugar!

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Emoticon are now such a symbol of our society that they are included into architecture !

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We might have found Chinese martial art secret weapon. Check it out !

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Is it Black & White or White & Black  ? Check it out.

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Transforming former industrial buildings is awlays a challenge. Discover this very recent addition to the group.

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For its 10th anniversary, Tokyo’s National Art Center has commissionned Emmanuelle Moureaux to create an installation on its premises. With Forest of Numbers, the designer has chosen to immerge visitors into the ten coming years. The 60,000 paper cut-outs string down from the ceiling,  each piece representing a number from 0 through 9, results in 10 floating layers of materialized years. A delicate, beautiful, symbolic, poetic experience.

Forest of Numbers is the 18th installment of Moureaux’s 100 Colors series, a polychromatic collection of large-scale exhibitions that revolve around a 100-tone palette.

Discover also how Emmanuelle Moureaux has rejuvenated a bank.


Pour son 10e anniversaire, le Centre national d’art de Tokyo a confié à Emmanuelle Moureaux la création d’une installation dans ses locaux. Avec Forest of Numbers, la designer a choisi d’immerger physiquement les visiteurs dans les dix années à venir. Les 60 000 découpes de papier descendant du plafond, représentent chacune un nombre de 0 à 9, construisant ainsi 10 couches flottantes, matérialisant les 10 prochaines d’années. Une délicate expérience, à la fois symbolique et poétique.

Forest of Numbers est la 18e édition de la série 100 Couleurs de Emmanuelle Moureaux, une collection polychromatique d’expositions à grande échelle qui tournent autour d’une palette de 100 tons.

Découvrez aussi comment Emmanuelle Moureaux a rajeuni une banque.

Place/ National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

Design/ Emmanuelle Moureaux

Information/ My Modern Met



Creating a personnality interior hotel is a designer’s job. But not solely. Check it out.

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