Don’t ask yourself where are you, but under where are you …

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Miami feel in Cyprus


Feels like the Keys, doesn’t it ? Well it is not the right ocean. Discover Pier One in Cyprus.

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Built towards the sea. But what sea ? What for ? Check it out.

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Moutain Hut beauty


The alps are beautiful, the Dolomites are gorgeous. And this restaurant is about to add to this beauty.

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198-fishmarket-limassol-cyprus-neoplaces-03Capturing fishes is not what this place is about, but more about eating them…

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Is this art ? Yes. But this is also a supermarket. Check it out.

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This is no anticipation movie set but a soothing place. Check it out.

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For Christmas, a revamped Paris Gourmet institution has openned to the public after 6 months of renovation. Hello gorgeous !

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This is a place to be. Soon, you will be able to mix meditation and olive oil … Lire la Suite


This place is not selling hammocks, but it is such a great experience that it might …

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