Built towards the sea. But what sea ? What for ? Check it out.

Want to change universe in a flick of an eye ? Enter this beautiful place.

Ryokan are the traditional guest accommodations in Japan. Delicate and very qualitative. But when you blend it with modernity, it becomes gorgeous. Check it out!

Are you inside or outside ? Are you in a furniture design shop, a concept store a creative agency ? None of those. A new amazing place.

This is no factory, nor industrial environment. This could exist around the corner of your street.

Is it the bar or the drink that make the wall twist ?

A design gallery, a brand new high-tech company headquarter ? Not at all. This is an amazing renovation in China. Check it out.

Did you know that Ki means tree in Japanese ? Discover a new kind of forest to have a break …

Lost in the 18th century ? In a painting ? Absolutely not. You will never guess …