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Forget the fox. This place is worth the visit all by itself.

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In Paris, hidden under La Maison du Sake (!), La Maison du Whisky has opened a speakeasy, a secret temple dedicated to barley. You enter a beautiful vaulted cellar with a small bar and a large crucifix counter. You can taste more than 700 bottles. With some of those drinks sometime made with a specific Scottish barley named … Golden Promise!

Sous La Maison du Saké, La Maison du Whisky a ouvert un speakeasy, un temple secret dédié à l’orge blond. On pénètre ainsi dans une belle cave voûtée avec un petit bar et un large comptoir en crucifix. On peut y goûter plus de 700 bouteilles. Des breuvages souvent réalisés avec une orge écossaise nommée… Golden Promise !

Place/ Golden Promise Bar, Paris, France

Information/ Telerama


Can a garage be luxurious ? Check it out.

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Sometimes, tiles are just the most stylish way to say « good food » in a restaurant.

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Chicago is the house of so many great hotels that hostels had to work something out.

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Whe the Japanese luxury ryokan brand Hoshino gets overseas, it does not lose its perfection.

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Marshmallow design


When you’re in crave for a sweet sophisticated pastry, your shop should be the first shot of sugar!

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Emoticon are now such a symbol of our society that they are included into architecture !

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We might have found Chinese martial art secret weapon. Check it out !

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